Wholesale Empanadas — Buying Tips For Restaurants

22 February 2023
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If you have a restaurant and plan to offer empanadas to guests, you might be better off buying a wholesale variety from a supplier instead of trying to make this food from scratch. Just make sure you observe the following shopping protocols to get the most out of this food investment for your restaurant.

Sample Empanadas Before Putting in a Bulk Order

You may want to order bulk quantities of empanadas because not only does this allow you to save money, but it can give you a sizable stock to utilize for several months. That being said, it's best to sample empanadas from a wholesale supplier before ordering a large quantity.

You need to make sure the empanadas are what you're looking for. What you can do is order different varieties from multiple suppliers, seeing which options provide the best experiences. Just make sure you get a group together for these empanada tastings. Then you can receive meaningful feedback and quickly know which wholesaler to buy from in bulk. 

Think About What Fillings Would be Optimal

One thing that makes empanadas unique is the fillings that are put inside the fried dough. There are so many options today, including sausage, chicken, beef, spinach, ham, and pizza. You just need to think about fillings that make the most sense for your particular restaurant.

For instance, if your restaurant sells primarily Italian food, then you might want to go with pizza as the filling option. This will keep your menu dialed in and thus help customers have a consistent experience across the board. 

Choose a Size

The last thing to review when buying empanadas from a wholesale supplier for a restaurant is the size of this food item. Today, you can find a lot of options. Some empanadas have a mini form and then others are jumbo in size. 

The right size will just depend on your particular restaurant and also what you plan on doing with this particular food item. For instance, if you're just offering empanadas as an appetizer, you may want to go with a smaller variety so that your customers don't get too full. 

If you have a restaurant and want to introduce empanadas as a new food item on the menu, then you might buy them from a wholesaler. As long as you work out key aspects like size and filling type, this food transaction will work out for the best. 

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