3 Tips for Successfully Catering Your Upcoming Campground Wedding

11 August 2022
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A campground wedding is a great way to get away from the world and relax with your future spouse and wedding guests in the midst of nature. Being so far away from civilization, however, does present some challenges when it comes to wedding catering. To make sure the food at your campground wedding is the best it can be, make sure you follow the three tips below when you're planning your wedding.

1. Try to Find a Campsite with RV Hookups

Unless you're having your wedding at a campsite that's meant to be an event venue, your wedding caterers won't have access to a kitchen. All of the food will need to be prepared off-site and brought in, which means that the caterers will need a way to keep the hot food hot and the cold food cold.

Reserving a campsite with RV hookups will make this much easier for your caterers since they'll be able to use electric steam trays, fridges, and freezers to keep food at the correct temperature. Without an electrical hookup, you may not be able to serve cold food at your reception — food can be kept warm by using propane steam trays, but it's difficult to keep food cold without electricity. Finding a site with RV hookups will increase the variety of food you'll be able to serve.

2. Choose Catering with Local In-Season Ingredients

Serving food made from fresh, local ingredients is a way that you can match the wedding catering to your wedding's campsite theme. Pies or tarts made from in-season fruits and berries, for example, are a way that you can present the beauty of nature in your food. Simple, rustic dishes are typically the best choice for a campground wedding. As an added bonus, using local ingredients and making them the main focal point of the dish often results in lower catering costs, since the ingredients are less expensive and the dishes are less complex to make compared to high-end cuisine.

3. Add in Some Campground Favorites

In addition to including in-season produce in your menu, it's also a good idea to add in some traditional campground foods. S'mores, flapjacks, baked beans and pot roast cooked over the fire are all unique options for wedding catering that will match your theme perfectly and help make your wedding a memorable one for your guests. Work with your wedding catering service to see what ideas they have about putting a modern, high-class twist on foods traditionally cooked over an open fire.

While campground weddings can be unpredictable due to the elements, following the tips above will make sure your wedding catering is superb. Whether you're camping nearby or having a destination wedding, call several wedding catering services in the area where your wedding will be located and see which ones are excited about your idea of having a campground wedding — if they're in love with the theme, they'll do a great job catering it.