Six Things To Know About Citric Acid In Food Processing

4 August 2021
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Citric acid is one of the most common ingredients in packaged and processed foods. Those in the food industry should understand the versatility and importance of citric acid in producing food products. 

The following are six things to know about citric acid use in food processing. 

Citric acid is a natural substance that is found in citrus fruits.

Citric acid is a natural substance and can be used in the production of food products that are labeled as "all-natural."

Citric acid is naturally found in citrus fruit. It is a weak carboxylic acid and can be supplied in the form of white granules or crystal grains to food processing companies. 

Citric acid can be used to provide flavoring in food products.

One of the numerous applications of citric acid in the food industry is as an ingredient that provides added flavoring.

Particularly in the production of beverages, citric acid is used to enhance flavors and contribute a slight sourness. In terms of flavoring, citric acid is generally used to reduce the sweetness of a particular food product or beverage. 

Citric acid works as a preservative and can keep food products fresh longer.

Another common application citric acid is used for in the food industry is as a preservative. Citric acid helps inhibit the growth of bacteria within food and beverage products. This helps prolong the freshness of these products. 

In addition to inhibiting bacterial growth, citric acid can also inhibit oxidation in vegetable and fruit products. This prevents such food products from starting to look brown and prolongs a fresh appearance in vegetables and fruits. 

Citric acid is also added to food products to work as a stabilizer.

Citric acid is added as an ingredient in some food and beverage products because it can function as a stabilizer. In particular, citric acid is often used in the dairy industry to function as a stabilizer in cheese products. 

Citric acid has been produced on an industrial scale for use in food processing since the late 19th century.

Citric acid has a long and established history of use in food processing. In fact, citric acid has been produced on an industrial scale for use in food processing for well over a century. Industry-scale production of citric acid for use in foods is first recorded in 1890

Citric acid is used in producing a wide variety of food products.

Nowadays, citric acid is included as an ingredient in many different types of processed foods. Preserves, snack foods, canned products, beverages, and even meat products are just a few examples. 

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