3 Reasons Using Organic Dairy Products Is Worth It

14 May 2020
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When it comes to choosing the type of dairy products you use at home or in your restaurant or business, you can use regular dairy products, or you can use organic dairy products. Organic dairy products offer certain benefits you can't get from regular dairy products.

Reason #1: Products Come From Healthier Cows

One of the biggest benefits of choosing organic dairy products is that you will enjoy products that come from healthier cows. Organic dairy cows are not forced to produce as much milk as traditional milk cows. They are not genetically altered in order to produce the maximum amount of milk possible. Organic dairy cows are not given growth hormones, which traditional dairy cows are given. That means when you drink organic milk; you are not consuming these growth hormones either. Organic dairy products don't contain the same chemicals that traditional dairy products do, so you are not exposed to the same chemicals and added hormones.

Reason #2: Enjoy More Nutrients in the Dairy Products

Second, due to the way that organic dairy cows are raised and treated, they produce high-quality products. Organic dairy cows are fed higher-quality food, instead of total mixed rations like traditional dairy cows. This results in products that contain more vitamin A, D, and E. The products also contain more omega-3 fatty acids as well.

The cows that are used to produce organic products are also fed organic foods. When the cows are fed higher-quality foods, it results in a higher-quality end-products. You can purchase milk, cheese, butter, ice-cream, cream, and yogurt that has higher nutritional value when you choose organic products over traditional products.

Reason #3: Enjoy a Longer Shelf Life

Finally, organic milk is designed to last longer than traditional milk. Organic milk is sterilized at higher temperatures, which extends the shelf-life of the milk. This sterilization process can also give the milk a slightly sweeter taste as well. With this level of pasteurization, you can keep the same milk in your fridge for up to two months without it going bad. This allows you to take a while to use your milk, or alternatively, allows you to stock up on milk without worrying about the expiration date.

Organic dairy products have more nutrients because they are made from cows that are treated better than traditional dairy cows. Additionally, organic milk has a much longer shelf life. Try organic dairy products this year, and enjoy healthier and tastier products with a longer shelf life. 

For more information on organic dairy ingredients, talk to food suppliers near you.