Biscotti Gift Basket Ideas

9 April 2019
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If a friend or family member loves coffee or tea, treat them to a basket filled with their favorite beverage along with complementing treats on the next special occasion. Gourmet biscotti is the perfect accompaniment to the hot beverages, and you can buy it in bulk from a wholesale retailer if you have a lot of gift baskets to put together. 

Biscotti, a sweet, hard Italian cookie, is baked twice to give it its classic crunch. When dipped into a steaming-hot mug of coffee, biscotti softens to the perfect consistency for biting. They can also be dunked into hot chocolate or tea if you're not a coffee drinker.

These crunchy treats are available in a wide variety of flavors, including traditional almond and anise as well as amaretto, chocolate chip, chocolate, walnut, cranberry, blueberry, pear, and even birthday cake. Some biscotti even feature a white or milk chocolate frosting drizzled over the top. 

Gourmet biscotti makes a tasty gift for a wide range of special occasions and events, such as birthdays, holidays, bridal and baby showers, anniversaries, and graduations. While you can give the baked goods on their own, they're the perfect addition to themed baskets.

Here are some biscotti gift basket ideas to consider:

1. Tea-Inspired Basket

Start by filing a high-quality wicker basket that the recipient can reuse with a selection of hot teas, including Earl Grey, chamomile, honey lemon, traditional black, green, and hibiscus.  Or, you can stick with the friend's favorite teas if you know them.

Next, choose biscotti in flavors that will complement the tea well, such as almond, vanilla, and blueberry. If you buy individually wrapped treats in bulk, you can include a mix of a few different types. For presentation, wrap them with ribbon or put them in a decorative bag.

Finish the basket with other tea-inspired goodies, including jars of jam, cookies, and honey. 

2. Coffee-Inspired Basket

As another option, create a basket using a bag or two of freshly ground or whole-bean coffee, gourmet biscotti, and a bottle or two of flavored syrup to make customized lattes. Include a personalized coffee mug featuring a special saying or a screen-printed photo as a thoughtful touch. 

If the recipient has a sweet tooth, place other bite-size desserts and afternoon snacks, such as chocolate-covered caramels or mixed nuts, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, truffles, or homemade muffins, in the basket. Mini bundt cakes, lemon poppy seed bread slices, caramel corn, and baklava are other sugary options. 

If you're ready to get started on your biscotti gift baskets, you can find wholesale gourmet biscotti for cheaper prices at a wholesale retailer near you.