Is The Vending Machine Business Profitable?

23 January 2018
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You might already have a busy life and wonder how to make some extra money, or perhaps you want to get into business for yourself. You might be considering vending machines as a way to make a profit without the need for a brick and mortar store. Are they profitable though? Yes, but there is some effort you must make to ensure your success. Here is what you should know before buying a vending machine.

The Costs

While you might make some money on a single machine, you are most likely going to make a profit from multiple machines. This means that whatever vending machine type you choose, be it snack foods, drinks, toys,  or other, you will need to invest in a franchise license and place multiple machines in order to turn a profit.

You will need to purchase a business license and choose which franchise you wish to work with. This will set you back into the thousands of dollars but are still usually the cheapest business to begin when you are first starting out. You will also need to restock your machines with supplies you receive from your vendors, typically the corporation who owns the franchise.

You also need to budget for repairs to your machines, and the more you have, the more you will need to budget for it. The cost associated with their repair will greatly depend on the type of machine you invest in. The more electronic and mechanical they are, the greater the cost to repair them will be.

Finding a Location

The only way you will make sure you are profitable when investing in vending machines is to secure the best locations possible for your machines. You will need a large amount of foot traffic, so it is a good idea to scope out your target market. For example, if you have a snack machine you might want to place your machines at a college, mall, or amusement park if you are able to get the contract for it. In order to get the location you want, you might work out a deal with the owner of the building and offer to give them a bit of the profit.

When Will You See a Return?

Like with any business, it can take a few weeks to a few months before you will see any return on your investment. You must make back all initial costs associated with buying, stocking, and setting up the machines. You must take into account your gas and vehicle, for example, if you bought a new truck to transport your machines. If you have placed your machines in a high traffic area, you should see profits fairly quickly.

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