Four Natural Ways To Keep Cockroaches Away

20 March 2018
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Cockroaches are more than a minor annoyance. They can contaminate your food supply, exposing you to diseases like salmonella and E. coli. They also give off noxious odors, which are not what you want to smell when eating or preparing food. Having an exterminator come treat your place with insecticides is not always the best way to keep these pests away. The insecticides may contaminate your food and are not much safer than the pests themselves! Read More 

Are You Preparing For An Unexpected Disaster?

25 February 2018
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You've probably seen television news that shows how dire circumstances can be when a natural disaster hits an area. Just seeing pictures of things like hurricanes or fires is enough to make one wonder exactly what one would do if disaster hits close to home. For that matter, it doesn't even need to be a major disaster to give you a wake-up call. If you've ever been stuck at your house because everyone is sick and you can't get to a store, you've more than likely realized that you want to prepare for any unexpected disaster or crisis that might come your way. Read More 

3 Reasons To Use Lean Ground Beef

26 January 2018
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When you shop for lean ground beef, one thing that you will notice is that some of it has a much higher fat percentage than others. This can make it hard for you to choose the right ground beef for your recipes. For many, it is a good idea to use lean ground beef with a low fat percentage. You can even choose grass-fed beef, which often has a lot less fat. Read More 

Is The Vending Machine Business Profitable?

23 January 2018
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You might already have a busy life and wonder how to make some extra money, or perhaps you want to get into business for yourself. You might be considering vending machines as a way to make a profit without the need for a brick and mortar store. Are they profitable though? Yes, but there is some effort you must make to ensure your success. Here is what you should know before buying a vending machine. Read More 

Five Ways To Improve Your Restaurant’s Service

9 January 2018
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Serving your customers is the ultimate goal in running a restaurant. Your business is there to provide comfort, positive interaction, and great food for your clients. So, improving the quality of your customers' experience is a big deal. Here are five ways to improve restaurant service. Hire the Right Staff The people of your restaurant are one of the most important resources you have. They play an important role in contextualizing the food experience as well as smoothing over any experiences that are less than perfect. Read More